Endota Spa Intense New Age Facial promises deep rejuvenation, brighter, more hydrated skin and a refreshed, youthful glow.

The pampering (but results driven) session delivers four treatments in one – a fusion of non-invasive procedures and potent anti-ageing skincare. I visited Endota Spa, Bowral, in the beautiful NSW Southern Highlands to review this 70 minute treatment.

Endota Spa Bowral

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the shopping Mecca of Bong Bong Street, Endota Spa Bowral promises relaxation before you even step inside its door. It’s located on one of the country town’s most elegant blossom-lined streets. It was here I found myself on a warm spring Saturday, greeted by owner/operator Lianne, who wore an equally warm spring smile.

Endota Spa Bowral Tea Room
The Tea Room

Lianne guided me into the spa’s tea room, where I sat soaking in the calm ambience, enveloped by the aroma of uplifting essential oils and the stress-melting gentle music. I filled out a short information form about the current state of my skin (dull, dry, fine lines and sagging), before my therapist, Baila, led me upstairs to a spacious but cosy treatment room. Baila cocooned me in warm towels and blankets and placed a warm Jade crystal stone on my heart chakra. After a stressful week in front of my computer screen, I couldn’t help but breath a huge sigh of relief.

Cleanse The Week Away

Baila’s gentle hands wrapped my face in Endota Spa Deep Cleansing Cream. Any remaining tension eased and I sank deeper into the luxe spa bed. It typically takes me a good 20 minutes to reach this state of bliss when having a spa treatment. I knew some serious TLC was in store.

Peel Power

Baila used a warm, soft towel to remove the cleanser – along with the morning’s make-up and pollution – from my skin. She then applied the first pass of a 30 percent glycolic peel. The clinical-grade solution helps to even skin texture and tone, and whisk away luminosity-dulling debris. It tingled a little, as though tiny ants were nibbling my complexion. By the third pass of the peel, the tingling had settled and I felt as though my skin was already fresher and more alive.


During hydro-microdermabrasion, fine crystal particles are passed over the skin using a small tube, while cooling moisture filled liquid delivers a silk spray of hydration. The crystal particles dislodge congestion and dead skin cells, which are then vacuumed up by the same small device. This provides deep exfoliation and supports collagen and elastin production within the skin. The experience is performance-based, but the entire vibe was still one of deep relaxation.

Let There Be Light

Exfoliation paves the way for healing, as well as provides a pathway for the ingredients in the anti-ageing products to better absorb. So next, Baila popped me under Endota Spa Light Therapy (LED) for around 10 minutes. The light therapy supports gentle cell renewal and non-invasive rejuvenation of the complexion. Be warned – the light is quite bright when it’s first turned on, but tiny goggles prevent you from becoming startled. It wasn’t at all detracting from the calm that had washed over me. In fact, when I thought I couldn’t be more relaxed, Baila treated me to a heavenly foot and leg massage.

Mask Up

Of course, it’s not a facial without a performance-driven mask, and Endota Spa New Age™ Power Serum Sheet Mask did not disappoint. Baila carefully placed the peptide and antioxidant enriched sheet over my face. It was cooling and soothing and my thirsty complexion drank it all in. At the same time, Baila uncovered each of my arms, one at a time, and performed a beautiful hand and arm massage. I drifted into slumber.

The Final Touches

Following the mask, Baila prepped my face, ready to take on the world again. She applied Endota Spa Sensitive Eye Revival Gel, to help ease a slight allergy I was experiencing at the time. It helped de-puff and soothe my red, itchy orbital zone and came as a huge relief. An application of Endota Spa Potent Brightening Serum followed, which adds luminosity, hydrates and calms redness. Finally, Baila massaged Endota Spa Peptide Firming Moisturiser over my face and décolletage with a massage technique that had my head in the clouds.

As I drifted down the stairs to bid Baila and Lianne goodbye, I picked up the home-care products Baila had used throughout my treatment. I wanted to continue the benefits of the heavenly treatment in my home-skincare ‘spa’ routine. When I looked closely at my skin, I could really see how much it had pepped up. It seemed more radiant and its tone and texture improved. Fast forward a couple of weeks and my skin still feels fresh, alive and radiant. Each time I apply the products, I’m instantly transported back to the Endota Spa sanctuary in the centre of the stunning Southern Highlands. CBM

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