Affordable Dental Care is something that for many Australians has long been out of reach. Now, Sydney Dentist Dr Gamer Verdian is set to revolutionise dentistry in Australia. He has created an affordable dental care plan for all Australians.

Dental99 is a world first, $99 fixed-price affordable dental service care that makes oral health a safe bet for Aussie consumers.

“Thirty to thirty-five percent of Australians will never go the dentist. They are afraid of the cost,” says Dr. Gamer. “We hope that Dental 99 encourages those without health insurance to maintain their six-monthly hygiene cleans. This helps to avoid gum disease and decay, which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues.”

“We came up with a nationwide model that guarantees they only pay a $99 fixed price for the four core services at Dental 99.” [This includes] check ups, cleans, non-surgical extractions and pain management. The patient’s needs are front and centre.”

Innovation In Affordable Dental Care

The streamlined app allows patients to book their own appointments without speaking to a receptionist. “Reducing admin overheads means patients can pay less for the same quality treatments,” says Dr. Gamer. “The app also gives patients instant access to their dental records and X-rays. Likewise, it accepts payments including health fund and Medicare transactions.

“The onus is on the health industry to ensure everyone can afford good oral health. Thanks to the amazing technology at our disposal, we can finally make a patient-controlled experience a reality for all Australians,” says Dr Gamer.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a real toll on many hardworking Australians. People are looking to cut costs where they can. We don’t want to see essential services such as dentistry put on the back burner for better times,” he adds.

“Oral health is vital for overall wellbeing. We want to make sure that every single Australian can afford world-class dental care. At Dental 99, we focus on the essential treatments and do them really really well. We put the power back in the patient’s hands. It’s that simple.”

How To Get The App

Affordable Dental Care is as easy as tapping your phone. You can download the Dental99 at either the Play Store or the App Store.

About Dr. Gamer Verdian, Dental 99 Founder:

Dr Gamer Verdian
Dr Gamer Verdian

Dr. Verdian is a Sydney-based cosmetic dentist and graduate of the Harvard School of Business. He was inspired to manage dentistry’s high fees, without the patient losing out on a quality service.

“The answer was an innovative app that allows you to book, pay and manage your health records on your smartphone. It’s life-changing for patients on a budget and word-of-mouth has seen the platform take off,” says Dr. Verdian.

“We are a technology-run dental company that has disrupted the business model of old-world dentistry. It has changed the way people can access dentistry in the future.”

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