Is an enlightened planet even possible? Opening hearts and minds to a new way forward, this life-affirming documentary invites all 7 billion people to reimagine life by entering THE PORTAL.

A must-feel mindfulness experiment, THE PORTAL is an immersive cinematic experience that answers the question: How can we really change the world?

For many years, the question has been asked: How do you get through the turbulence of life?

THE PORTAL is an experiential documentary created as part of a bold, global vision to shift humanity out of a state of crisis. It brings to life the stories of six people who overcame great adversity using stillness and mindfulness, inspiring the audience to follow in their footsteps and realise the unique potential that all humans have to change our world–from the inside out.


Supported by insights from three of the world’s foremost futurists – and a robot – the film unfolds as a beautiful, audiovisual spectacle that takes the viewer on their own mindfulness journey through the pain, joy and memory fragments of life. Exploring a new way forward, this powerful film and book open hearts and minds to an exciting vision for humanity, transformed, inviting all 7 billion people to make an enlightened planet possible by entering THE PORTAL.

The Portal movie poster
The Portal movie poster
Tom Cronin & Jacqui Fifer. Photo Georgia Darlow
Tom Cronin & Jacqui Fifer. Photo Georgia Darlow
Dan Freene & Mais Sweidan
Dan Freene & Mais Sweidan

Creators of THE PORTAL

The film was produced by international meditation expert and founder of The Stillness Project Tom Cronin and directed and produced by Jacqui Fifer, an exfinancier turned global meditation expert. Their collaboration realises Cronin’s dream of making a feature film that would inspire people across the world to shift humanity into a new era by meditating daily.

Developed between them over the course of many years, this “experiential” documentary and book are a meeting of minds aimed at redefining the way we approach our inner and outer worlds.

‘In my work I see a lot of people who have hit some kind of crisis or roadblock in their lives and are looking for a path through. I’ve dedicated the last 25 years to exploring this area and I’ve been fascinated by this idea of a crisis being a catalyst for change, and how it can inspire the most remarkable turnaround in people’s lives. The Portal was inspired by my own crisis moment that ultimately inspired a phase shift in my life,’ says Cronin.

‘We’d like the viewer to leave elevated and inspired, not just with answers, but also with questions.’

Through their unusual but powerful collaboration, personal stories and ancient spiritual teachings harmonise with the future of technology, collapsing past and future into a portal of ‘now’ where an enlightened planet awaits.

‘THE PORTAL is a film about life,’ says Fifer. ‘It’s a journey through the ups and downs, the love and the sadness, the fragility and strength in each of us. It’s a cinematic love poem to every person who has shied away from, or stepped up to, the daily challenges that present themselves, and the defining moment in which, despite our past, we embrace the potential of our own evolution.

‘It’s about our uniqueness as individuals and our role in the collective heartbeat of our planet. At times as surprising as our own future this is a film to inspire humankind into a new era.

‘Thought-provoking global ideas, poetic imagery and honest first-person accounts of challenge and transformation draw us in; visceral soundscapes and an evocative score with binaural beats slowly cast a spell, shifting the audience’s state. Past, present and future interweave in a meditation on life, where chaos juxtaposes calm and linear ideas give way to a sense of vastness, impermanence and interconnectedness.’

Are YOU ready for a change? Open your mind, transform the world. Enter THE PORTAL.